Best Books to Teach Kids to Read & How To P.I.C.K. The Right One

How To P.I.C.K. The Right Books to Teach Kids to Read Want to know a secret? Helping children learn how to choose the right book to read is simple! It’s all about one little word that they can keep in their back pocket whenever they’re in the library, at the Continue Reading

3 Easy Steps to Teaching a Child to Read in 2021 You Can Follow

In the current strange times we find ourselves more than ever I am often approached by parents asking me for some easy steps to teaching a child to read. So in this post we go over some information that I share and I hope can help you also with some Continue Reading

10 Ways How To Get Your Child Interested In Reading

Knowing how to get your child interested in reading is a question asked by many parents over the years. Reading is a basic skill and one that has so much importance for a child and their future life’s direction. Getting them on the best path is every parents desire. How Continue Reading

6 Best Ways to Get Your Child Interested in Reading

Did you know that just by, only reading a book to your child on a regular basis, is a significant contribution to his or her education? The benefits of getting your child interested in reading is not just a sleep-promoting activity. Reading aloud brings the following advantages. The Benefits of Continue Reading

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