10 stuff that proves you are really your father’s daughter


10 stuff that proves you are really your father’s daughter

Since your birth, you are the adored daughter of your daddy, and you give it back to him. Your super dad, you will never stop admiring him. You often count on him, and besides, he always replied presently. No matter what your age, you do not hesitate to call him in the case of problems, and he manages to be by your side. Normal is the coolest man on the planet. Moreover, as it is soon Father’s Day, here are ten signs that prove that your dad is your hero:

1. You love his jokes (even if they are nil)

In high school, you were too ashamed, but now you could not do without it. Besides, since you no longer live with your parents, you miss him, and even his worst sluices make you smile.

2. It gives you small nicknames

Besides, they are often a bit dumb. If someone else dared to call you like that, you’d look at him wrong. But since it’s daddy, it’s good, you tolerate. Anyway, since the time, you ended up doing it …

3. You call it as soon as you have a problem

A hole in your bank account or a broken car, whatever the situation, you call your father to the rescue!

4. When he is there, you become his granddaughter again

No matter your age, for him, his adored girl is still a baby. And since you do not have the heart to undeceive him, you let him cover you as if you were 5 years old. Under his gruff airs, he is a real daddy who always needs to protect you.

6. If you are fighting, you need a week to get back

Yet with your mother, you often fight. But when it is your father who raises his voice then there is nothing more. It takes you nearly a week to get over it!

5. Your mother is jealous of your relationship

In any situation you take sides and it often supports you against your mother. Besides, the latter is a little fed up and she makes it known.

7. You ask your opinion before important decisions

To choose a car or change jobs, it’s daddy you call first. He has experience and he knows what is good for you, his advice is precious and you follow it to the letter (well, almost always).

8. You resemble him (and you love it)

Whether you have the same nose, the same way of laughing or eating, there is bound to be something your father has bequeathed you. And besides, you are extremely proud of your resemblance.

9. The moments you spend together are the best

Whether watching a movie or dining, you’re so happy to share that moment with him. Even if you do not talk, the simple fact of being with you calms and reassures you.

10. You want him to be proud of you (and that’s the case)

If there is one thing that matters to your life, it is because your father is proud of you. Already, when you were little, nothing made you happier than to bring back a good note. And today, when he told you that you are the prettiest or the smartest, you shine of happiness.


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