17 things moms do in secret


17 things moms do in secret

Perfect parents do not exist. Moreover, even if we invest 200% in our children, we happen to do things secretly, without (actually) letting them know. Come on, confess!

17 things moms do in secret
17 things moms do in secret

These things we do in discretion …

We adore our children, but sometimes we have to admit that we sometimes do little things without actually warning them. After all, it is not just children who have every right. If you have already lied about bedtime or invented your rules, then chances are you will recognize yourself in this non-exhaustive list.

1 / Discreetly pick up the nipple that fell to the ground (or rather that was thrown on the floor by the child!)
2 / Dance in front of his child in a way that you will never do before any other human being.
3 / Check his professional emails in the park.
4 / Take a leave and leave her children at the crèche / school … just to rest.
5 / Cut the coke in water. Your little cabbage dreams of being able to drink this adult-only drink for so long.
6 / Looking at the pictures of his children on his smartphone when we get bored in transportation.
7 / Finish the pot of Nutella when the children sleep. It also works with sweets and other cakes supposed to be for the small inhabitants of the house.
8 / Affirm to the dentist during a routine visit that yes he/she will wash his teeth well morning and evening.
9 / Shop with her newborn baby because we urgently need new clothes.
10 / Jump pages when telling the story of the night. Even if the subterfuge is now well known to offspring.
11 / Discreetly store toys that they no longer serve in the cellar, or better, give them to an association. Children never want to separate from their, games so you have to craft.
12 / Lying about the age of one of his children in a museum not to pay the place.
13 / Use his tee-shirt as a handkerchief to wipe the flowing nose of his offspring.
14 / Send her to a child do an thankless task. For example,
Go ask the neighbor of the flour, pay a wand while it lacks 10 cents … 15 / Ask in a department store if they have a toilet because our baby can no longer restrain. And actually go there for yourself.
16 / Try her teen’s jeans to see if we get into it. Who knows …
17 / Lying at the babysitter about bedtime. “Yes, if they go to bed at 10pm on Saturday night.” The goal ? Get a morning sleep the next day.


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