Become parents while remaining lovers


Become parents while remaining lovers
This baby, this piece of you, you have dreamed, desired, waited and here he is pointing the tip of his nose. With his smiles, his area, he makes your happiness and your pride (yes, it’s the most beautiful!).

Become parents while remaining lovers
Become parents while remaining lovers

But with his diapers, his bottles, his vaccines, he fully occupies your days. And no matter how hard you look, there is not much time, energy, and love to devote to your relationship.
Before you were two, and you tend to forget it. Love your newborn without leaving your half is possible and it is even a priority!

From duo to trio …

Suddenly, all the daily life is turned upside down.
The feedings replace your much-loved TV sets, and soon, it will be hackneyed mashed potatoes for everyone. The outings too, it’s almost finished (if not the monthly appointment at the pediatrician), and your exotic travel will be confined to visiting the zoo once a year with double stroller and changing bag.

Going from two to three at home, it does not seem like anything, but we must rethink the whole organization where everyone must find his place. A severe test for the young dad who often feels abandoned kept away from the new fusion couple mother-child. The mother, she, tired helping, would almost forget to be a woman.

But do not panic, founding a family necessarily requires going through this phase of adaptation. Even if the transition is difficult, you must not regret this past time or want the baby to deprive you of your old life, carelessness, and freedom. You wanted it; you have to face reality.

Often, to have a child is to stop being one yourself. Thanks to him, you will grow, mature, and discover new priorities. Nothing will be like before, but family life does not necessarily mean that with boredom, constraints, stress, and fatigue. A tip: evolve, but stay yourself.

How to help his couple?

He sleeps little, cries a lot, asks for attention, pumps your energy and forces you to adapt to him: bath time, bedtime, bottle-feeding time … You feel that you are being held hostage by this tiny baby. Stop the spiral!

While taking care of your child, do not put him in the center of everything. You lived very well without him; life goes on with him. Book yourself moments to two, even to shift; it is essential to the survival of the couple in love. Meals are taken together, adult conversations, opening to the outside (whether on TV or keeping a social life).

As soon as you feel ready, entrust your baby(we’ll make you safe and sound!) and share moments in head-to-head: cinema, restaurant, or just a relaxing bath, an hour during which you will have to think of nothing but you two!

Go to bed at the same time as you did before. The marital bed must not become the place where one slump, exhausted, while the other is still working. Even during the reasonable period of sexuality at half mast, would you like to turn your room into a love nest.

A young mother has just undergone significant physical changes, hormonal; she needs time to find her body and offer it to you. Gentlemen, be patient, tolerant. Ladies, your companion has been waiting for this moment for a long time, Do not push your reunion under pretenses: the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to restart the machine and get rid of your child.

The libido is not controlled, but with tenderness, trust, and understanding, mom and dad will grow up … and will remain lovers!



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