5 Benefits of Boosting Your Child’s Imagination


5 Benefits of Boosting Your Child’s Imagination
A parent can never suspect all the advantages of a good imagination for her child. Here is what it allows young people to develop.

5 Benefits of Boosting Your Child's Imagination
5 Benefits of Boosting Your Child’s Imagination

1. Acquiring social skills

By simulating situations through play, children explore relationships among family members, friends and colleagues and learn how people interact with each other. By playing doctor, children imagine how doctors care for their patients. By playing at home, they discover what parents feel for their children. Imaginary games help develop empathy for others. If a child can imagine what it feels like when you are removed from a match, or you lose an animal, you may be able to help those who will experience these situations. They will be more committed to respecting the rules, sharing and cooperating.

2. Develop self-confidence

Young children have little control over their lives. Imagine being a skyscraper builder or being a superhero that saves the planet gives power to a child. This builds confidence in one’s abilities and potential.

3. Stimulating Intellectual Growth

The use of the imaginary is the beginning of abstract thought. The child who can imagine a castle in a sandy hillock or a delicious meal in a mud pate is initiated into symbolic thought. This ability is important in the school environment, where the child will have to learn that numbers symbolize groups of objects, letters symbolize sounds and so on.

4. Working with Language Skills

During the fantastic games with their friends, the children speak a lot. They increase their vocabulary, improve their sentence structures and their communication skills.

5. Confronting your fears

Imaginary games can also help children cope with fears and anxieties. When the child imagines that there is a big nasty monster under his bed, he gives himself power over the monster that is all, is not so big or bad. Imaginary games can also help children evacuate disconcerting feelings such as anger towards a parent or rivalry towards a newborn in the family.

To stimulate your child’s imagination, make it read every day. Books allow visitors to visit other worlds and invent new ones.


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