5 Tips to Help Your Child Love School


5 Tips to Help Your Child Love School
Encouragement and reinforcement are two of the most beautiful gifts parents can give their children. Young people gain the respect of themselves and others when they are taught to value what they think, what they do and what they feel. “By encouraging children to set goals and boost their successes,” says Sara Dimerman, a parent support service, “we develop self-esteem and are prepared to lead a productive and inclusive life. Blossoming . Here are five tips to strengthen your children’s self-confidence:

5 Tips to Help Your Child Love School
5 Tips to Help Your Child Love School

1-Highlight their progress

Emphasize their progress. If you show them that you believe in them, they will want to work harder and meet higher expectations. When a child is told that he “can do better,” he often gets worse because he takes it as a defeat.

2. Encourage them to surpass themselves

Instill in them the notion of personal effort. In addition to sports that develop the spirit of competition, plan leisure activities that highlight passing (swimming, karate, artistic discipline).

3. Do not compare them

Flee the comparison game. Ask them if they are happy with their results. The children do not all have the same capacity; Focus on what yours do.

4. Encourage them to be proud

Have their certificates framed and invited to be proud of them.

5. Have clear expectations

Avoid talking about right or wrong conduct. Say precisely what you approve or disapprove to persuade or change your attitude.

How to make your children appreciate the school

Children sometimes feel a little anxious about going to school every morning. Here are the best tips to reconcile them with the school.

Remind friends that they can see their friends there.

They will be eager to find them and tell them everything they did during the weekend. Children love to exchange memories and funny stories.

Get them everything they need.

A well-prepared child is a reassured child. Armed with notebooks, pens, pencils and all the essential school supplies, yours will take a firmer step into the classroom.

Let them know they are privileged.

Your children may not know that many young people do not have the chance to learn, too often because they do not have a school or textbooks. Moreover, they will probably be delighted to know that they can help other children to learn by sending school supplies to deprived areas such as Africa.

Homework Do

you want your children to give you a helping hand?

• Give clear instructions. Explain the task step by step, try to anticipate the problems and suggest simple solutions.
• Do not blame. Tell her you to appreciate her efforts.
• Turn the chore into a party. Spend their favorite songs and hum them with them.
• Do not grumble when it is your turn. If you grunt while doing the dishes or vacuuming, your children will say that it is not as fun as you claim.


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