6 tips for a successful return to school


6 tips for a successful return to school
Moreover, now, it has gone! The holidays are over, and the routine returns to a gallop. The re-entry can be stressful, but in preparing well, it can also be done smoothly. Here are six tips for a successful back to school.

6 tips for a successful return to school
6 tips for a successful return to school

Take a few weeks of practice

To facilitate the transition between school holidays and school routine, start early in August to raise children earlier and make them eat during school hours. The shock will thus be much less high and the adaptation, much easier.

Also make the way to get to school a few times, especially with the little ones. You will be able to calculate the time necessary to reach the bus stop or the school.

Make a shopping list

Do not buy anything superfluous, make a list of what each child will need for the upcoming school year. Make an inventory of clothes that do not make several weeks in advance and take advantage of the re-entry balances strategically.

For a list of school materials, try to reuse items that older ones no longer need.

Make a general calendar

Schools often provide an annual calendar containing leave and organized activities for children. If your mosses go to different schools, it is easy to lose the thread and end up facing organizational challenges. To avoid these setbacks, make a general calendar on which will be recorded the activities of each one, sports competitions, various courses and birthdays of all the world.

Shop for Extracurricular Activities

If you have more than one child, try to ensure that extracurricular activities take place in locations not too far from each other and at similar times. The organization of transport and the rest of the evening will thus be greatly facilitated.

Prepare for the mornings

To make it easier in the mornings, plan the lunch and the children’s bags the day before. By putting the table ready for cereals and making sure that homework, papers, musical instruments and sports equipment are tidy and ready to go, you put all the chances on your side so that the morning is spent in Calm and harmony.

Establishing pleasant traditions

So that the new routines of all the world go well, plan nice small moments that you will spend with family. For example, during supper, everyone tells his or her day by singing or rhyming. This will also allow you to take news from the household.


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