Five tips to promote family sport


Five tips to promote family sport
Kirk Tobias, a racing cyclist and co-founder of the Ride for Karen event, offers five tips to encourage family members to move.

Five tips to promote family sport
Five tips to promote family sport

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

Given the numerous articles highlighting the increase in childhood obesity and the inherent risk of office work, all are aware of the need for regular exercise. This does not necessarily translate into an active lifestyle. If you practice a sport and are of those who do not need encouragement to use, you could inspire your loved ones to be positive and healthy by encouraging them to join you.
Here are five tips to encourage your loved ones to practice the sport you have adopted.

1. Start slowly

If you like to run while your spouse prefers the sofa, encourage him to join you, but most importantly, do not hire him for a 10 km day, even though he insists that he be able. “It is important that the first experiences be positive. Your partner may be delighted with his performance that day, but he may be very upset the next morning. ”

2. Equal Opportunities

Make sure all participants feel they can win. “I know a man and a woman who love to ride a bike together. However, when they met, she raced as she pedaled for pleasure; She could not reach her speed, which discouraged her. The tandem was their solution: so they could pedal each according to their capabilities while being together. They have been biking on their tandem for 12 years now. ”

3. Do not put your eyes full

If you are better at a given sport than your partner, keep the acrobatics for when you are alone. “Do not rush to the finish line for the sole purpose of proclaiming that you have won the race. Do not return an excellent service to prove you have a great setback. Moreover, avoid singing climbing a bike rib if your partner is behind you. Be chic! ”

4. Make it a slightly competitive activity

This advice might seem to contradict the previous one, but the fact is that for many people, a friendly competition is a good motivation, whether to race to the end of the block or to discover Who can perform the greatest number of sit-ups in a week or hold the position of the board the longest. The key to success is to make it fun, and that goal is within everyone’s reach, regardless of age. ”

5. Have fun!

“Things like heart rhythm do not interest children. What they want is cycling to the toy store, ice cream kiosk or movie theater. Some parents may disagree with this approach, considering that it is a form of corruption, but you will exercise and the children will have fun, which will motivate them to resume their bike. “


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