How to explain to a child where the babies come from


How to explain to a child where the babies come from

When a child begins to question the world around him and to ask questions about essential things, the adults of his surroundings often become a little nervous. They know, however, that these embarrassing questions could arise at any moment. However, the conception and birth of a baby must be addressed naturally by the parents, so it is important to avoid any embarrassment and to find the most appropriate way to make your child understand the basics of human reproduction. We give you some tips, so you know how to explain to a child where the babies come from.

How to explain to a child where the babies come from
How to explain to a child where the babies come from

Instructions :

  1. The first point is not to panic about the issue. Regardless of how you approach the topic of procreation, you must understand that it is something natural and that it is okay to have questions about it. If you put up taboos about sex, it is very likely that when the child grows up and reaches the immature stage, you will have problems communicating with him because you will have made it a subject Banned since his early childhood.
  2. How to explain to a child where the babies are coming from will mostly depend on the age of the child. The smallest children, for example, three or four years old, feel comfortable with the idea that the babies are in Mom’s belly for nine months and then come out. It is only in the case where the small demand as the baby has arrived so far that we must move on to the next stage of the explanation, always in a very simple way because of his age.
  3. However, a child of 7 or 8 years will wait for a clearer and convincing explanation, from a “biological” point of view, in a way. Do not be afraid to give it to him, but do it in simple words, without panicking or providing more information than necessary. Be sure that if there is something he has not understood, he will question you.
  4. It is critical that when explaining to a child where the babies come from you do so in a clear, straightforward and confusing manner. In this explanation there are things that need to be clear, especially if the child is big enough and is looking for information:
    He must be able to understand that it is an act between a man and a woman, carried out with their mutual consent.
    It is important that the child understands the involvement of both protagonists in operation. A usual way of proceeding is to explain that the mother puts “the egg” and the dad “the seed.”
    It is necessary for the child to understand that to procreate, both man and woman must have been adults, having reached a certain age. Let him understand that it is not something a child can do.
    Other details that will be very useful to help her in her sex education are the fact that there must be affection between the father and the mother to bring a baby into the world but that is not something Which can be done by any person of our choice, like our brothers or our parents. The child must learn since he is young to make these distinctions and it is up to you to explain them to him.
  5. It is desirable to explain where the babies come from by relying on images. In the case of the smallest, drawings showing the fetus in the mother’s womb may be enough to satisfy their curiosity. On the other hand, for the larger ones, when it comes to knowing the respective contributions of men and women to procreation, it will be useful to present drawings of the male and female sexual organs and other reproductive organs, Have a somewhat more complete approach to the whole process.
  6. It is also important that the child understands certain details. So explain to her that:
    Babies are not done with kisses.
    Only women can have babies, and these are born by the vagina and not, for example, by the navel.
    Also, avoid telling stories like storks to children. Although the theme may be tricky, they deserve to know the truth.


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