How to make my son write well


How to make my son write well

The writing is personal and says a lot about a person. It is during childhood that we must make the most effort to write without spelling mistakes. Therefore, in addition to lessons at school, it is important to encourage children to write and, above all, to pay attention to what they write. Therefore, we will give you some recommendations on so that you know how to make your child write well.

How to make my son write well
How to make my son write well

Instructions :

  1. Writing well does not necessarily mean writing without spelling mistakes, it is also fundamental to allow children to adopt a correct calligraphy so that it can be read and the child can write beautifully without writing problem. As one learns to hold a pencil during childhood, one has to be careful with this learning.
  2. In the same way, you must instill in your children the love of reading, and they must learn that reading plays a significant role in the development of each person. As a result, children must read books from an early age and offer them to read children’s books and show them the value of this play activity.

As children grow up, reading will certainly help them to write better, because reading is a very effective way to memorize the spelling of words. Find out how to make this article to encourage children to read.

3. When you want to help your child write well, you can also use games to encourage him to work with words. These games should always be adapted to the age of the children and help them learn while playing.
A good example of the game can be to draw the different letters, challenging them to bring the name of an object, an animal, food, and so on. Alternatively, also to write his first name. You can put cards in obvious places or a tidy folder so that they remember how each word is written.

4. For older children, doing dictations is an excellent exercise: you must read a text slowly that they will have to write. Once completed, correct the spelling mistakes he made and talk to him to teach him how to write each word correctly.

Also, to prevent the child from making mistakes and to retain the correct spelling, we advise you to make a written correction several times and to teach him the spelling rules to explain why their errors. You can read more tips here: how to write without spelling errors.

5. When your children grow up, you will need to show them the importance of dictionaries and teach them how to write correctly. In this way, they will have to understand that this book is a reference – when one does not know how to write a word – which will help them a lot.

Currently, the use of online dictionaries makes it much easier to you because the latest versions are put online, and they include recently appeared terms that you do not necessarily know how to spell well when you want to write them.


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