Increase Self Confidence in 13 Tips


Increase Self Confidence in 13 Tips
Increase self-confidence is possible! Here are 13 tips that help develop that state of mind, beneficial to your quality of life.

Increase Self Confidence in 13 Tips
Increase Self Confidence in 13 Tips

Increasing self-confidence is a matter of attitude

1. According to Albert Bandura, a professor at Stanford University, healthy self-esteem helps accomplish more, as certain individuals approach difficult tasks as “challenges rather than threats to avoid.”

2. To increase self-confidence, Professor Bandura advises getting in a good mood, stress and harmful waves weakening the “sense of personal efficiency.”

3. Fear of failure can exacerbate doubts. Louisa Jewell, President of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, says that the best way to gain self – confidence is to do precisely what you fear to fail. It will be less intimidated.

4. Some people are suspicious of success: too many unknowns accompany it. M me Jewell suggests focusing on the concrete by visualizing success and benefits.

5. Compassion is necessary for self-esteem, says Louisa Jewell. Be indulgent to yourself in the case of error, and remember that failures are part of the human condition.

Advice: getting well-surrounded benefits self-esteem

6. Women are more likely to lack self-confidence. A Norwegian study in 2012 measured the accuracy with which students predicted their results on an exam: 37% of women under-rated their grades, compared with only 15% of men.

7. Another advice, this time from Bruce Hunt of Toronto, is a specialist in public speaking and self-confidence: an active social circle can provide the positive reinforcement essential to self-esteem. In short, make good friends and keep them!

8. Try to find models of the same sex, age, origin or professional background as you. According to Louisa Jewell, seeing these mentors “accomplishing what you want to do gives you the feeling that you can do it as well.”

9. Bruce Hunt argues that knowing the expectations of others can sometimes increase self-confidence. Do not hesitate to ask your boss or your colleagues to guide you towards your goal.

Another Tip for Increasing Self Confidence: Dare Arrogance

10. Progress in stages and set deadlines for crossing them. For example, to become an assured speaker, gradually increase the length of your speeches and the size of your audience.
11. You no longer have an excuse for not doing sport: in 2013, an article in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health explains that physical activity improves self-esteem and facilitates relationships with others.

12. A little arrogance is not necessarily bad. According to a series of studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, subjects overconfident in their ability to perform various tasks were more respected and more perceived as competent.

13. However, be careful not to fall into self-complacency. A slight lack of confidence can lead to improvement, “to push its limits,” concludes Louisa Jewell.


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