The 10 ingredients of a happy family


The 10 ingredients of a happy family
Tolstoy was right: the happy families are all alike. At least they have some points in common. Here are a few!

The 10 ingredients of a happy family
The 10 ingredients of a happy family

1. Book time for hugs.

We never get too tight. Snuggle up with each other in bed, reading, joking or playing. This kind of positive contact helps children feel loved and secure, not to mention it is fun for parents.

2. Take time to have fun together.

It is good to encourage children in their school work and extracurricular activities, but if they are given too much importance, they may experience tension and anxiety. Spend some time in activities whose only purpose is to spend good times together. Play, conspire to organize a surprise party, take long walks, explore a cave, garden or cook together.

3. Exercise together.

Rendez-vous in the neighborhood park at the race or by bike. On the site, you can relax while your child plays in the sandbox or on the rocking swing. This kind of release allows parents to set an example of healthy behavior, exercise and spend time with their children.

4. Adopt healthy habits.

The junk food rich in salt and sugar may taste good, but it is harmful to the health and mood of the family members. Instead, encourage healthy snacks, such as leaving bowls of fruit, chopped vegetables, nuts or dried fruit on the table.

5. Cook together.

This is another way to get kids interested in good nutrition. By preparing supper with them, you encourage them to eat well while teaching them to cook, measure, work in teams and improvise. Also, children who contribute to the preparation of dishes are more likely to consume them.

6. Reward good behavior.

It is important to emphasize your appreciation, but do not overdo it. A visit to the animal shelter or the zoo, a cinema outing with popcorn, or a late night is good motivators.

7. Read and write together.

Take time to read each day. Read aloud to the children, sit together in the living room to read your book or listen to an audio book. It is even nicer to do it by snuggling one against the other on the couch. It is also important that children spend a little time each day writing.

8. Spend time alone with your kids.

If you have more than one, try if possible to devote, for just ten minutes, to each of them, alternating the days. This particular moment gives the child the feeling that it is important to you and helps to strengthen its ties with you.

9. Establish routines.

The children flourish when they know what is expected of them. Thus, the routine of bedtime – bathing, reading a story and a few songs hummed together – could limit bad behavior in the evening. The morning routine could also help you leave the house faster without risking your child to make stories.

10. Do not forget your couple

The most important thing you can do for your child is to love and demonstrate your spouse. You show your child what a good relationship is all about while helping to preserve the integrity of your union.


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