How to apologize to your brother or sister


How to apologize to your brother or sister
If after a dispute you want to take the first step, we give you some advice so that you know how to apologize to his brother or sister. Fraternal relationships are undoubtedly the ones that last the longest in the family. Even after the death of the parents, brothers and sisters remain united. On the other hand, the fact that they are about the same age allows them to share a good part of their lives together. However, living together or differences of opinion can lead to conflicts that generate protracted disputes or disagreements. We have all experienced that. The first step on the road to reconciliation will be to know how to apologize.

How to apologize to your brother or sister
How to apologize to your brother or sister

After a dispute, ask yourself

You think you’re always right when you’re fighting? You have difficulty in admitting that there can be two leaders in a discussion? If so, it is that you do not question yourself enough after a disagreement. It is important to try to put yourself in your brother’s place. Try to understand his arguments, even if you disagree. This will help you stay calm and understand that despite differences, a compromise can be found through mutual respect and affection.

Give her a sincere apology!

Regardless of why you wish to apologize, dispute, a gesture or your opinion, it is important to accept that at some point you have made a mistake and that you are genuinely sorry about it. If you are not sincere, apologizing is useless. Believe it or not, your brother will notice the difference.

Provide an opportunity to apologize

Find the right time to apologize to him alone. If you do not see him often, invite him/her to coffee, in a beautiful place, or if the distance does not allow a meeting, call him/her on the phone. Avoid impersonal means such as emails. Indeed, you are trying to express a feeling, and sometimes the writing does not allow to transmit your sincerity. This is why writing is not suitable for apologizing.

Avoid the following phrases …

Conditional phrases like “If I offended you, I apologize ” are too many. If you have felt the need to apologize it is because you know that someone was injured. It is a fact and not a possibility. Another thing to avoid is to say, “I’m sorry, but I’m not the only culprit. ” You are here to apologize, not to blame your brother or sister. Everyone must assume his or her mistakes. Do not use phrases like “you’ve always been like that,” lifting old stories will not help solve the problem, quite the opposite.

Introduce your excuses and do not revive the controversy

Sometimes, apologizing for your excuses will rekindle the dispute, because of your always interesting attitude. Keep your reproaches for yourself. It is important to remember that you want to solve the problem, not make it worse. Choose your words carefully.

Give Time to Time

Sometimes your brother or sister just waits for these excuses to kiss you and continue as before, but sometimes the wounds are deeper, and you have to wait for them to heal. To apologize is an act of nobility, but that does not mean that the other must forgive you, or that he forgives you immediately under your conditions. Give him / her time so that he/she can also reflect on his feelings.

Frequent disputes? It’s time to challenge …

The rivalry is shared among brothers and sisters, especially during childhood and adolescence. In many cases, this disappears when children grow up, but sometimes it remains creeping throughout life and explodes at the slightest problem. If you think this is your case, you will have to analyze the problem thoroughly and, above all, solve it. Living by being resentful is neither healthy nor desirable.


  • Take time to think about what happened to know your feelings about the subject.
  • Exercise, think carefully about the words you want to use and stick to the sincerity of your emotions without hurting the other
  • As it is your brother or your sister, you know him/it since forever, you see him by heart.
  • Do not use it as a weapon, as this will further hurt it. Be careful).
  • Choose the appropriate time. Do not apologize impulsively in the middle of a meeting or in a place where you can not talk quietly. Making an apology can take time and must be done with serenity
  • Do not use intermediaries, if you have something to say to your brother or sister; it is better for you to do it yourself.


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