How to be a good mother


How to be a good mother

The pregnancy is a complex, full-time and requires much effort. The truth is that there is no instruction manual to do so in an exemplary manner. However, we give you some tips that can guide you so that you know how to be a good mother.

How to be a good mother
How to be a good mother

Instructions :

  1. In the first months and years of a child’s life, the mother is the most important pillar of her life. From food to hygiene. Everything goes through it. You must not confuse this dedication with being a good mother or not, for the truth is that the hardest work will come a few years later when the child begins to become a full-fledged person.
  2. The primary virtue of a birth mother must be patience. A child is an agitated, mischievous and active being. For this reason, you must face these typical attitudes of a child with calm. If a child behaves badly, it is better and more effective to explain to him why he should not act in such a way as to scold him.
  3. Saying no is a bad choice to raise a child. Obviously, they should not be spoiled either. A mother too permissive will make the child always try that things go in its direction. However, from time to time, you can give her gifts or access some of her whims.
  4. A good mother must always show interest in the benefit of her children. It does not matter if your child likes dancing or astrology. It does not matter that you are not at all interested in all these things that attract your child. You must always seem interested and concerned about what they are doing. Ask questions so they can share their interests with you and feel encouraged.
  5. The communication between mother and child is paramount. You have to be accessible, a person you can talk to. If you question him, scold him or give him the least change, your child will move away from you more and more.
  6. Being a mother does not mean being God. It is confident that you will deceive yourself and will do certain things. A birth mother must be able to recognize her mistakes and apologize to her children. You will then appear more equitable.
  7. The most important thing is not to live the lives of your kids. All mothers have their expectations. You will always want your children to be in such and such a way. This is a mistake. You must accept things as they come, support your kids in their decisions and be tolerant when faced with their choices.


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