Loving is good for your health


Loving is good for your health
Tying a relationship (friendly or loving) is not simple, but we need it as much as water, food, and light.

Loving is good for your health
Loving is good for your health

One wise person once said that the purpose of life was to “die young as late as possible.” There is ample evidence that one can live to an advanced age by keeping his child’s heart. The secret is to stay in touch with the surrounding world.

Nurturing a relationship love is a way to improve his chances of living old and in good health. Many studies have documented the benefits of a strong union and the adverse effects of a tumultuous or indifferent relationship. However, the love relationship is not enough.

It is equally important to cultivate friendship with people who share our interests and perspectives. Efforts should also be made to establish links with the community; We are enriched, and we increase our self-esteem.

Researchers have observed that retired people who volunteer about 40 hours a year to help the less fortunate (for example, on a meals-on-wheels basis or help a young person do homework) were at risk of dying, During the seven years of the study, 30% lower than that of people their ageless involved in social engagement . Another example is that there is as much interest in giving as in receiving.

Recreational activities should not be neglected. They have the advantage of widening the circle of friends. Whatever your interests may be, ‘perfecting your computer skills or raising a breath,’ it is likely that he is giving himself a course on the subject somewhere or that there is an association of people who share your passion. If you live close to a university or college, you probably have continuing education courses or senior citizens’ courses. A hiking club or a reading group also make social sharing activities.

In a book called Successful Aging, authors John W. Rowe and Robert L. Kahn note: “Humans are equipped and genetically programmed to grow and function in interaction with others. Interacting by speaking and touching is essential to our well-being. Moreover, this applies to everyone, not just to children and the elderly. ”

That is what friends do

The researchers say that social support is the key to happiness and longevity. However, what do they mean by social support? The answer depends on what everyone can learn from his or her interaction with others. Social support meets these basic human needs:

* To be surrounded and loved
* To share one’s intimacy
* To be
appreciated and appreciated for what one is * To enjoy the company of others, communicate and feel at home
* To have easy access to the information and advice of others
* To be able to benefit from material and financial assistance in case of need.


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