A small guide for grandparents who keep their grandchildren


A small guide for grandparents who keep their grandchildren
To the grandparents: rest assured, you have not lost your hand! At the most, you will need to review some techniques to keep your grandchildren, whether it is to look after an infant or to keep a bored teenager.

A small guide for grandparents who keep their grandchildren
A small guide for grandparents who keep their grandchildren

Respect the routine of your grandchildren when you keep them

Your grandchildren are not strangers, but you probably do not live with them every day. It is, therefore, necessary to review their routine with the complicity of their parents, whether it is the time of the siesta, meals or bedtime. Also consider the peculiarities of each one: food whims, favorite fluff, etc.

” Problems arise when grandparents feel they know what is best and do things in their way rather than comply with parents’ requests,” Sara Dimerman said. This can be a source of conflict, and it is not in the best interest of the child. ”

When parents are confident that you will not mark their offspring for life, do not hesitate to trust your instincts. You have experience. You have the right to take some liberties with the rules if they do not suit you.

Distracting Grandchildren When You are Grandparents

Given the ubiquity of mobile phones and other video gaming devices, some grandparents fear that children will not be able to enjoy themselves otherwise. This is false, according to Charlotte Livingston of King City, Ontario, who has three young grandsons. The 10-year-old “spends much time in front of a screen at home,” she says. I prefer to put limits there. ” Instead of turning on the TV or tablet, Mrs. Livingston manages to captivate their attention with reading, crafts and outdoor activities like cycling. She got into the habit of coming with board games, as soon as she is in charge of her grandchildren.

Keep grandchildren for an extended stay

If you welcome your grandchildren for a long stay, it is desirable to establish a daily routine, as if they were living with you. This can result in a stricter bedtime and a few tasks to accomplish, “says Patricia Adair of Maryfield, Saskatchewan, who has nine grandchildren and a great-grandson. This joyful band is often used to pick peas from the kitchen garden, for example, or to mow the lawn.

Asking the youngsters to peel the carrots for the meal allows them to measure the work required to maintain a home, she said. It is also an opportunity to have relaxed, though important, discussions about family and school.

Back to reality

For many children, staying with grandparents is synonymous with more candy, more stories, and more freedom. Be sure to explain to them that the party is over when they return home, insists Kathy Buckworth, author of I Am So the Boss of You. Being at home with grandma and grandpa is a bit of a vacation, she explains, but then “the child goes through a period of real life rehabilitation with Mom and Dad, which is entirely reasonable.”


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