The joy of cooking with grandchildren


The joy of cooking with grandchildren

Among the relationships that weave between grandparents and grandchildren, one often neglects to mention a good sharing experience: culinary tie. However, cooking on Sundays with Mamie, learning her recipes, hobbies and tricks is an essential part of the family patrimony. Learn to reconnect with traditions.

The joy of cooking with grandchildren
The joy of cooking with grandchildren

Links between grandparents and grandchildren are often privileged, based on exchange, conviviality, gentleness and pleasure. Between them, complicity is often the right way to convey its values. Moreover, in these moments that we share with our grandparents, food plays an essential role: go to market, pick vegetables from the garden, peel them, shell the peas, make pancake batter, pies Or jams … These moments that are so many magical memories for children.

Family ties

Moreover, when children grow up, these moments turn into the transmission of “culinary” knowledge. This is essential at a time when generations have less time to cook and are turning more and more towards prepared or quickly prepared dishes. These dishes, which are sometimes recipes passed down for generations and whose secret is jealously guarded, are part of family identity. These recipes that we have become accustomed to enjoying as a family is an integral component of the links. This heritage must be transmitted to the various members to be preserved. Because he is not registered anywhere and risks being lost. Who has not tasted the almond cookies of a friend and tried unsuccessfully, Get the secret recipe from his grandmother’s kitchen? Just talk about family recipes to see the stars in the eyes of many children.

The unavoidable

Each family, of course, has its recipes, and its favorite dishes. However, there are still some “inevitable” for moments to be shared between young and old. These are for example jams, a greedy moment that kids love to do with grandparents. Then desserts are a sure bet, especially tarts (rhubarb, apricots …) but also the unavoidable clafoutis or the Charlotte. Let’s not forget the pancakes for which we find as many tasty recipes as grandmothers.

For dishes, recipes are often those related to family origins, but adopted “home.” At the time of the turnkey preparations, it will also certainly be necessary to turn to Granny to obtain the recipe of the sauce b├ęchamel or of the white butter sauce that will accompany your fish. Several books have tried to combine these traditional and family recipes (Grandmother’s cooking, Tante Marie, real traditional cuisine, Maman Saint-Ange’s good food …).

Return to traditions and origins

This culinary “knowledge” goes beyond recipes. It is also the “tricks” and advice that will allow personalizing the dishes, to succeed the dishes. Not to mention the transmission of this traditional wisdom that can not be learned at school: choose fruits and vegetables, compose aromatic bouquets, and so on. Moreover, then our world is made of diversity, our grandparents are sometimes from different countries, and our culinary traditions are often wealthy and varied. Learning to regain its roots in the kitchen is also a way to create this strong bond with its grandparents. Not to mention the love of cooking and lunch with the family, which no book or mission can transmit like a grandfather or a grandmother.


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