8 Tips to Get Firm Skin After Childbirth


8 Tips to Get Firm Skin After Childbirth

During pregnancy, the skin is subjected to a severe test. After childbirth, it is distended, less strong and has lost its elasticity. To strengthen her body after the arrival of a baby, here are some tricks.

8 Tips to Get Firm Skin After Childbirth
8 Tips to Get Firm Skin After Childbirth

Practice the Scottish shower

Easier to say than to do but very useful to firm the skin! In the shower, other jets of hot and cold water, emphasizing areas sensitized by pregnancy and which have lost some firmness: chest, belly, hips, buttocks. Circular movements are made with the shower head. In addition to promoting blood circulation, this technique helps to tone the skin and wake up!

Avoid dieting

After pregnancy, we have a few kilos to lose. Be patient, do not try to burn the stages at the risk of doing worse than better. The body needs all the nutrients required to be able to produce collagen and elastin fibers essential to the suppleness and firmness of your skin. Do not deprive it of it!

Focus on the right vitamins

Vitamins are fed on the plate, especially with vitamins A, B5, B6 and B8, known for their role in the resistance and tonicity of the skin. We, therefore, opt for whole milk, eggs, poultry, pork or even beef. Vitamin C also enters the process of making collagen fibers. Moreover, vitamin E plays a critical role in the protection of skin cells, since it is a real antioxidant. It is found in hazelnuts, almonds, fatty fish but also in certain oils, such as sunflower oil.

Pay attention to salt

We often tend to salt our plates too much. Attention, even though salt is a flavor enhancer, it plays a significant role in water retention. This weakens the connective tissues that relax.

Choosing a right “firmness” cream

A specially developed cream is applied daily to the firm, tone and restore elasticity to your skin. A cream rich in the moisturizing element, based on glycerin, for example, is chosen to give your skin more flexible. It can also be enriched with active ingredients, such as caffeine or vitamin E, with tightening and firming effect.

Follow the application protocol of the cream

It is often forgotten, but the way in which the cream is applied is as important as the product itself. To get more firmness, you start by heating the product in your hands.

On the legs: we go from the ankles to the thighs by doing a smoothing. We go in the direction of the blood circulation.

On the arms: one starts from the wrists towards the shoulders.

On the hips: circular movements are performed for a few minutes.

On the chest: small circular movements, avoiding the nipple during the period of nursing; Then we expand the circles.

Getting a massage

To promote the penetration of the active ingredients in your cream, the ideal is to be massaged. You can of course practice self-massage, doing smoothing for example but some areas, like the back, deserve to be massaged by another person. A good way to be pampered while keeping his objective in mind: to firm up the skin! Why not suggest to Monsieur to practice a modeling on your body with your “firmness” cream? If not, head to the beauty institute! After childbirth, you also have to think about yourself.

Recovering the sport

Now you can get back into physical activity! Even gently (yoga, sweet gym …), we begin to make rework his muscles little by little. If you have a vaginal delivery, you wait two months to resume the sport (four months in the case of the cesarean section). In the meantime, large stroller strolls also allow to get back to the sport smoothly and to make work the whole body. The blood circulation is activated, which prevents the tissues from softening.


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