A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy


A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy
For nine months, your lovemaking will evolve, and you ask a thousand questions because many myths circulate on the subject. The opportunity to restore some truths.

A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy
A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy

A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy

First quarter: peace after the storm

  • If you are pregnant, it is a priori; you have a pretty active sex life. However, at the beginning of your pregnancy, perhaps you will prefer the restraint because your new state upsets you. If also you have nausea and increased fatigue, it will not help your libido!
  • You may still feel fragile and worry that relationships with your spouse will put your baby at risk.
  • What is it? Regular intercourse at this stage does not increase the risk of breast cancer. Particular case: if you have to bleed, the doctor will probably advise you to give up the reports temporarily. When the danger is eliminated, you will be able to lead a healthy love life again.
  • Know that at the beginning of your pregnancy, the organs of your pelvis are better irrigated, which is favorable to the desire. It is even likely that you could more easily reach orgasm. Enjoy!

Second quarter: 100% vitality

  • From the 16th to the 30th week of pregnancy, you feel perfect, and your body gets used to its new condition: your breasts are more prominent and your shapes rounder. Your little belly is still comfortable to wear. Ideal conditions for desire!
  • However, the day you feel your baby move for the first time, maybe you will have some scruples: what does it feel like during the intercourse? Is he disturbed?
  • What is it? The female orgasm affects the uterus: the placenta then briefly sends less blood to the baby. It is training for its circulation and in no way a lack that could cause him harm.
  • During your intercourse, nothing can happen to your baby: he is safe in the uterus, even during vigorous shaking, the amniotic fluid serving as protective padding. Do not be afraid to hurt him during intercourse: anatomically, it is impossible for the penis to approach your baby!
  • On the other hand, if you tend to have early contractions and the cervix opens before the term, it is better to give up the reports.

Third quarter: it’s getting harder!

  • From the 30th week, it becomes less comfortable to find a position where your belly does not interfere. It’s up to you to be creative and see new places.
  • During your pregnancy, physical proximity is critical. But think of alternating pleasures: caresses, massages and soft contact, that’s good too, right?
  • The hormone prostaglandin, which softens the cervix and prepares it for contractions, is probably present in sperm, but the amount is so small that it can not trigger contractions.

In some situations, it is wiser to give up sex.

• You have already had miscarriages.

• You have to bleed.

• You have early contractions.

• Your placenta is misplaced (placenta previa).

• You have chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

• You or your spouse have genital infections.

• If the water pocket is already broken, abstinence is wiser!

• If in doubt, talk to your doctor.

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