Girl or boy, how to know the sex of his child?


Girl or boy, how to know the sex of his child?

Do you not have the patience to wait for the next ultrasound wondering if you are expecting a little boy or a little girl? Know that there are many tricks of grandmother. Unless they have been validated scientifically, and 100% reliable, they can allow you to give you some leads. It is up to you … or not!

Girl or boy, how to know the sex of his child?
Girl or boy, how to know the sex of his child?

Examine Your Belly

To determine the sex of the unborn baby, the most common form is the shape of the mother’s womb. In general, when the belly is well round, the arrival of a girl is predicted. If the belly is sharp, it is a boy. The height of the baby in the belly is also considered a clue: if the baby is worn up, it is a girl. On the contrary, if the baby is quiet, he is a boy. Other clues, to read on your belly, can put your chip by ear. Thus, if the brown line that appears on your stomach between the pubis and the navel exceeds in height the latter, it is a girl. If she stops just before, this is a boy. However, sometimes, the opposite is also indicated!

Observe your body

The condition of your skin, changes in your hair or the color of your nipples can also be clues. For example, if you find that you have more hair than before, or grow faster if you see that the color of your nipples is darker than usual, you can predict the birth of a boy. Same if your heart beats less than 150 beats per minute, or if you often have cold feet. Conversely, if your heart beats faster (more than 150 beats per minute), it is surely a girl. Other signs may indicate that you have dry or even damaged skin, and you are experiencing pregnancy nausea in the first trimester. Also, watch your libido. Is she half-masting? It is a boy. Is she on top? It is a girl!

Decrypt your desires

During pregnancy, food cravings are common. Do you rather want pastries, sweets, and other nice things? You surely expect a girl. On the contrary, if you lean for chips, meat and sausage (i.e., for protein and salty foods), it is surely a small guy. This is also the case if you see a higher consumption of dairy products than before.

Watch your elder

If you are already a mom, look carefully at your former child, as it can give you some information about the sex of the fetus. For example, if the base of her hair is pointed or V-shaped, your baby will be of the opposite sex. Also watch carefully the first word that your former child pronounces: if he says Mom, it will be a girl. If on the contrary, he said dad, it will be a boy. Well, that is what it says!

Use some techniques

Among the many methods available to know the sex of her child, that of the pendulum is certainly the best known. Place a hand on your belly and hold a swing or a ring hanging from a chain or string on the other side. Try not to move and observe the movement of the pendulum or ring. If the ring describes circular movements, it is a girl. If he moves back and forth, he is a boy. Another technique to test: throw a paper handkerchief in front of you. Go forward to pick it up. If you advance your right foot first, it is a boy. If it is left foot, it is a girl. You can confirm the result obtained by stooping to pick up the handkerchief: if you spread your legs, it is a girl; If not, he is a boy.


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