Pregnant or not? The first signs that do not deceive


Pregnant or not? The first signs that do not deceive

Am I pregnant? Pressed to be a mom, you watch all the little changes in your body, hoping that one of them translates into a nascent pregnancy. However, what is the signs that are likely to indicate that you are expecting a baby and to what extent are they reliable? They tell you everything.

Pregnant or not? The first signs that do not deceive
Pregnant or not? The first signs that do not deceive

Symptoms that can help you know if you are pregnant

The rules

Alternatively, rather the absence of rules. Indeed, amenorrhea may indicate pregnancy.
You know: when you are pregnant, the rules disappear and only reappear a few months after childbirth.
In short, when the days of waiting for the rules change during the week, the presumptions of pregnancy grow and the interest to make a test is confirmed. Especially if you are usually “set like a clock.”

When the delay of the rule is not synonymous with pregnancy:

  • A few days late menstruation may be due to later ovulation or stress, and this often happens to women who do not have a hyper-regular cycle.
  • Emergency contraception may cause a delay in menstruation, as well as the discontinuation of any hormonal contraception (implant or IUD removal, pill stop, etc.).
  • A delay in menstruation without pregnancy can come from a cycle without ovulation (this concerns mostly young women and women over 45).

Conversely, some women have birthday rules on the date when they should have menstruating while pregnant.

Foods to be preferred before and during pregnancy

Breast swelling and hypersensitivity

Even if this is not the best known, it is often the first sign to appear. Why are the breasts sore? Due to the action of estrogens which increase at the end of the cycle to prepare the body “in case” a pregnancy begins. However, this symptom is common in some women just before their menstrual period. Nor is it, then, an infallible indicator. However, if breast enlargement is associated with a delayed menstruation, the chances of being pregnant are higher.

Nausea and vomiting

In some, it is the appearance of nausea or vomiting that will be the first sign of pregnancy. For the lucky ones, morning vomiting will last only a few days, for others, they will last the first three months of pregnancy to disappear as they appeared …

A medical opinion will undoubtedly help you to see more clearly and to understand the origin of your symptoms. And since it is not always easy to wait for the possibility of a pregnancy, and you do not necessarily want to talk to your loved ones right away, you can contact , A medical teleconferencing platform where real doctors, all registered with the national order of physicians, will give you in a few minutes precise and personalized answers, such as during a consultation with a professional. Anonymity is assured so that you can ask your questions in complete peace. A good way to reassure you while waiting for your appointment with your general gynecologist.
Note that the first question is offered,


Temperature is an excellent indicator of whether you are pregnant. To control it, you must take your temperature each morning, at a fixed time and report the temperature on a graph to draw a curve.

The temperature rises at the date of ovulation (a few tenths of a degree) and then stabilizes for 14 days before descending. If there has been fertilization, after 14 days, the temperature will not go down but will remain on its high plateau thanks to the production of progesterone due to pregnancy.

If you follow your temperature curves, a high and stable temperature for more than 15 days is a more than a probable indication of pregnancy. You will also be able to determine the date of your ovulation very reliable: it is the day when the temperature rose before stabilizing


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