How to Accept a Stepfather or Step-mother


How to Accept a Stepfather or Step-mother

For a variety of life circumstances, we may have a new companion and our children do not see it as a right eye. However, how can a father-in-law or mother-in-law be accepted? The process is tricky, but on we want to help you get there so that the relationships between them improve and the situation gets normalized. Keep reading and discover some keys to get there.

How to Accept a Stepfather or Step-mother
How to Accept a Stepfather or Step-mother

Instructions :

  1. First of all, understand that this is normal and that you should not scold your child because it is quite understandable that his / her mother or father is missing and sees your new partner as an intruder. However, little by little, you must make sure that this situation becomes natural for everyone.
  2. The most important thing is to show your child that he is always the most important person in your life and nothing in the world will change that. This will help your child to accept your new/new partner as it will feel less threatened.
  3. Seek the natural, intuition and communication to try to improve the potential conflict situations.
  4. Rearrange time efficiently. For example, spend the entire afternoon with your child since you get out of work until he falls asleep, then spend the rest of the evening with your companion. Thus, he will see that you are always paying attention to him, but little by little you must organize joint activities.
  5. Your partner must have a secondary role and be always ready to help. It is important to be patient at this stage, because if you force things, there may be a rejection from your child.
  6. Your partner should be an example to follow for your child. He must see her as a fun and interesting person with whom to spend pleasant moments. Your partner can accompany your child to his or her activities, such as a football match on weekends, or can take him to places your child may like, such as an amusement park or zoo. Do not force things and let the reconciliation take place smoothly.
  7. By following these tips, your child will be able to accept your partner, allowing for a better harmony in the home.


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