10 sentences of teenagers who put the nerves in ball


10 sentences of teenagers who put the nerves in ball

Today, Simon is 16 years old. Gone are the cute little expressions that you quickly noted in a notebook “first words,” now you try not to tear your hair as soon as it opens his mouth. Moreover, here are surely ten phrases of your adored adore that irritate you most …

1. “Wait, two seconds …”

When? When you ask him to put the table, to rid, to put away his room, to shower (yes, the teen is often a little crack, like Mimi). As soon as you need him to do something else of his ten fingers than to send Snaps to his friends.

Your reaction: After considering two seconds (there must be a link) to swing him and his phone/console/computer / TV through the window, you think it would cost you too much in hardware. So you raise the tone until he raises his big body from the sofa and designs to help you.

Your consolation: Sure, he spends hours per day surfing, playing online and chatting with friends … however, this is done safely. Since he goes alone on the Internet, you protected him by discussing, explaining – and installing Kaspersky Safe Kids parental control software – which allows you to know the open applications, the sites visited, etc … no, It is not espionage, it is the opportunity to find out what interests your teen and to open a constructive dialogue with him.

2. “It is good there!”

When? When you dare to utter a little criticism about his behavior (which we admit, it would deserve an excellent reframing).

Your reaction: “NO THIS IS not okay, Itis NOT GOOD!”. Yes, this sentence has the gift of making you go into a spin. However, you have to understand, three times you ask him to remove his dirty sneakers from the coffee table and pretends not to hear you. Also, they are ugly sneakers.

3. “Did you listen when you were young?” (With a stunned air)

When? When a title of your time type “Father and Son” of Cat Stevens sounds on the radio. Alternatively, you put a Clash CD in the living room when you get home from work.

Your reaction: Already you are ALWAYS young, and also what can he know well to the music this one? It hardly comes out of its period Dora the Explorer.

4. “Mamaaaannnnnn?”

When? When he falls temporarily into childhood and realizes that you are not so useless (especially when looking for his favorite pair of jeans ).

Your reaction: You raise your eyes to the sky, and you answer in the same tone “Yesiiiiiiiiiii?”. If he is in a bad mood, you can expect ahead ten feet long (more than usual) when he reaches his height. If he is in a good mood, he will just shrug his shoulders and perhaps murmur a “thank you” by recovering his precious possession.

5. “What is not wifi?”

When? When you finally succeed in gathering all your family on vacation in Corsica and that, to the great displeasure of your son and his survival in this world, your grandmother did not think to install the Internet by bequeathing you his house Fifteen years ago.

Your reaction: Even if you know that it is vain, you explain to your tender progeny that it is good to disconnect from time to time. Moreover, no, his friends will not stop loving him if he does not “poke” them three times a day.

(Note that this sentence can also be used in the mouth of your smartphone partner.) If this is the case, take a book and file at the beach, you can not fight against two trendy zombies Literal sense of the term – at the same time.)

6. “No, but we do not say” doing the hustle “for centuries, Mom.”

When? When you pronounce an expression that is apparently no longer present in the “Dictionary of the young hype of today,” in this case, “to make the rave”. Also valid for “having the banana,” “fierce fire” and “en route, sad troop.”

Your reaction: “How can I be cheesy?” How can my expressions be ridiculous? Because “boss” and “turf” is chic perhaps? ”

7. “Can you leave me at the corner, steups lait?”

When? When you take him to college / high school by car, and he makes you subtly know that it is a shame of being dropped by Mom.

Your reaction: You cede, lamentably. Because you know that at your age you either did not want to be seen with your mother – and you hope above all a kiss in exchange for your understanding.

8. “Anyway, no one understands me!”

When? When he pricks a little existential crisis and finishes in his room, the door slammed in front of your nose and the sign “defense of entering” missing to fly away.

Your reaction: If you do not minimize the intensity of the changes that you are experiencing, on the contrary, you still wonder how a simple “Finis ton plat please” could trigger a Such a tsunami. In the end, you realize that once again he escaped the chore of dishes and that crushed broccoli to scour is for Bibi. Moreover, it is CA that is upsetting you.

9. “I did not do it on purpose.”

When? When he breaks something, forgets to get his sister to school, gets his bike robbed. All the time, in short, and since he can speak. It is perhaps not a phrase exclusively related to adolescence, but I must admit that it bothers you more at that age.

Your reaction: You alternate between “But I hope so!” Exhausted and a “So Expressly Doing Good!” authoritarian. Moreover, you pray that he will print his error once and for all.

10. “No, but worry.”

When? When you try to know a little more about his plans. Whether it is about his homework, his revisions for the ferry or the next “big night at Hugo because his parents are on weekends.”

Your reaction: You pretend to stop annoying him and come back to the charge a little later when he does not expect it. Alternatively, you call the other moms/dads to find out if they know more.
Because in the end, of course, you worry. All the time for that matter. Moreover, you love your teen, even if it makes you lose your cool. That is what it is to be a parent.


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