Is our daughter anorexic?


Is our daughter anorexic?
For some time your daughter has been concerned about what she eats. How do you know if she will not switch without realizing it in anorexia? What signs would help you better spot what’s going on?

Is our daughter anorexic?
Is our daughter anorexic?

Is our daughter anorexic?

Monitor your weight loss

Your daughter decided to eat fewer fries, cheese and chocolate bars and more light-weight white cheese and raw vegetables? It is probably a desire to lose a few pounds and an attempt to tune his body to the standards imposed by fashion. Do not be alarmed; a diet does not cause the appearance of this disease that everyone fears: anorexia. It is likely that she will abandon – quickly and with joy – her diet and return to a more varied diet. The anorexic does not complain about deprivations, she rejoices. Naturally, observe his weight loss. It is necessary to be alarmed if a teen loses in a few months, 20% of its mass (for example 10 kilos whereas it made 50).

Do not confuse anorexia and anorexia nervosa

Anorexia, loss of appetite due to stress, black thoughts or depression is a healthy and transient reaction of the nervous system that slows down its pace to eliminate toxins. Listen, discuss your future with your daughter, this dialogue and attractive perspectives should give him back the fishing and the appetite.

The anorexic wants to control his body

On the other hand, anorexia nervosa fights against hunger and prevents eating: it tries to escape the malaise, the deep and intense suffering it experiences, by controlling what is in its power: its body. By removing the existing, she thinks to find its original purity and peace. The more she eats “nothing,” the more she achieves her goal. Observe your daughter … Does she quibble on her plate? Does she keep food in her room without touching it? These signs show that she would seek to control her need to eat, to resist the ease.

Anorexic teenager seeks to burn calories

The anorexic (mental) wants to burn calories: it multiplies activities, plays sports excessively and drinks liters of water to purify. If your daughter, tired by her diet, does not feel like going to the gym, you can rest easy: she is not anorexic. It will suffice to show him that starving is useless … a little fewer sweets, it should fine-tune his line quite naturally.

Beware of reverse decisions

She seems to have listened to you and is starting to eat again. You are reassured, but she swallows anything at any time. While she is gaining weight but continues to be concerned about his line: despite its size 36, it is enormous! So, she invented a ploy: to induce vomiting. This sign should alert you. The bulimia during anorexia nervosa, mask the symptoms but does not cure it.

Do not wait to consult

Be vigilant, be firm too. When in doubt, take your daughter to a doctor. He will establish a reliable diagnosis and refer you to a psychotherapist. Food is undoubtedly intended to satisfy a physiological need, but it is also related to effective relationships. The family dimension plays a role in this disease, but it does not incriminate you personally. Do not feel guilty. And resist the temptation to solve the problem yourself by giving advice or explanations to your teenager.

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