My daughter asks me for the pill


My daughter asks me for the pill
You probably bite your lips not to exclaim “But you’re too young! “. You are right: by opening up to you, she shows you her confidence, this is not the moment to turn her by an uncontrolled reaction. Take the opportunity to explore this topic in more detail with her …

My daughter asks me for the pill
My daughter asks me for the pill

My daughter asks me for the pill.

She is not yet 15 years old

That’s right, you find it’s a bit young but start by thanking her for her trust and arguing with her. She may be looking for information in case she is tempted during her next vacation. Or she already has a lover, and she wonders about taking the plunge. In a way, she also asks you for your opinion, your permission. Does she feel ready to take the plunge? Or is she considering it for later? Does she want to do like some girlfriends? This is his body, not trying a new pair of shoes! She may answer you that her body belongs to her! It’s true, but precisely, how does she intend to take care of it?

It’s not mechanics!

It’s natural to be curious about sex, yes, but nothing presses! Rethink the conversation between Poupette and Vic in the movie La Boum. It’s important to take your time, to have confidence in yourself and your lover, to feel listened to and respected. Her boyfriend can also wait so that both of them are sure of what they decide together.

She is older …

Her relationship with her boyfriend seems to be settling … Or she wants to “foresee” in case … Also take advantage of this discussion to remind that the pill is, of course, an effective means of contraception, but that it does not replace the condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. She may protest, “Mom, I know,” or “we’ve been told enough in high school.” But is not education repetitive? Give him your opinion, but consider his. And suggest that you go to a gynecologist. Unless she asks you to accompany her, let her go alone, with her life card (which is also yours) and what to adjust the consultation. A doctor will know how to answer his questions precisely.

Vigilance and confidence …

Young girls today address this subject without taboo, so much the better! It is up to us to check – with tact – the accuracy of their information while respecting their modesty and their intimacy. This is how a climate of listening and trust develops. If you are not comfortable talking about it, or if you do not feel satisfied with your daughter, suggest that you consult a professional (doctor, gynecologist, in a planning center for example) or more just talk to a big cousin, an aunt younger than you, or one of your friends she likes.

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