How to tell my parents that I’m gay


How to tell my parents that I’m gay

Before telling your parents that you are gay, you have to be aware that this is news that can be shocking to them …
It is likely that the first reaction of your parents is harmful: they will be afraid of the unknown. Try to be patient and think that, little by little, their negative remarks will leave room for a general attitude.
Let’s see how to tell your parents that you are gay

How can I say

All families are different: there is no secret formula to tell your parents that you are lesbian or gay and so get out of the situation.

In any case, they may have been suspicious of your sexual orientation for years, but the news may still have the effect of a cold shower.

You should be aware that, unless you are an exceptional case, your parents will go through a stage of acceptance in which they will feel sad, disappointed and upset. They may use hurtful words without being aware of them: be patient, and over time they will learn to accept it.

Think about: confidences and close to trust

If you feel confident in yourself, have accepted this fact and feel it’s time to tell your loved ones, go ahead. This is your life, and they will have nothing to complain about, whether they want it or not.

Now is the time to ask you another question: will you tell both your parents at the same time? Maybe you feel more affinity with your mother or, on the contrary, one of the two makes less homophobic comments and seems more understanding. Many homosexuals choose a loved one with whom they feel safer: ask yourself the question and go to the parent who will be the most understanding.

Look at the appropriate time

Choose the perfect moment; All families have a good opportunity to talk about serious topics. Look for it and enjoy it when you feel it has arrived.

Try to announce it with honesty and love; If you feel the urge to be sincere with your loved ones, it is precisely for these two reasons. If you do not know what to say, you can try “Daddy, Mom, I’m lesbian/gay, and I wish I could talk to you because I love you.”

There are a thousand ways out of the shadows, and all are good; Other people opt for a “dad, mom, I want to tell you something that I have never told you for fear of rejection …” or “I know since X years that I am homosexual, but I do not l ‘I did not say because I was afraid of making you feel sorry.’ There are innumerable ways of saying that you are homosexual, choose the one that best suits your feelings.

Immediate reaction

It may be that your parents react by answering you with a phrase or a bad question such as: “How can you be so sure at your age? ” It’s your dating … “,” We’ve all gone through a stage where we wonder what we like, you’ll realize that you’re wrong,” and even” we’ll go See a psychologist .”

Take into account that homophobia (hate and prejudice against homosexuals) is based on ignorance and disappears when people are informed. Try to keep a positive attitude and arm yourself with patience in trying days.

Obtain information materials

Look for a quality book, film or documentary that can be used by your parents to accept your sexual orientation.


You are a person, and your family has its dynamic and way of being. Homosexuality is part of you and the way and time to let others know you belong to them.


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