After a Caesarean section: how to heal her scar?


    After a Caesarean section: how to heal her scar?

    A Caesarean section is never a small act: like any surgical procedure, it leaves a scar that is more or less visible, that it will be necessary to think to treat for a particular time. Discover our explanations and our advice of care to promote a proper healing of your caesarean scar.

    Is the caesarean scar mandatory?

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to escape a horizontal scar about 10 to 15 centimeters above the pubis (on the “bikini zone”). There are also caesarean section scars that are vertical, from the navel to the pubis, but this concerns only a minority of mothers.

    Do not worry: even if this scar is visible enough at the beginning, it will quickly fade over time, until it becomes a thin red band. This small fine line will then become pink, then flesh color. Also, the caesarean section scar can easily be hidden by pubic hair.

    Caesarean section scar hygiene and care

    Scar treatment begins immediately after childbirth: dressing, sometimes accompanied by a drain, is placed at the site of the caesarean section for a few days only. It will only be once the dressing is removed when you have the right to take showers, which you will “tame” your scar. It is possible that at this point you may feel some pain and discomfort, due to the tightness of the scar and the regrowth of the pubic hair. This is normal. On the other hand, in the case of too great pain or blood flow or pus of the scar, do not hesitate to consult …

    Of course, during this period, avoid all types of considerable efforts: wearing heavy loads, strengthening the abdominal muscles or even, in some cases, attacks of laughter, are not advisable!

    Your dressing will then be replaced by sutures, staples, or, in some cases, a special glue, and Betadine will be applied to your scar. It will only be five to 10 days after the Caesarean section that the staples and sutures of your scar will be removed. They will be replaced by strips (small self-adhesive dressings acting as sutures). Meanwhile, your scar will be carefully cleaned, at Betadine or with other products that will tell you the midwives.

    From the tenth day onwards, the scar will have completely closed: do not hesitate to massage your scar, to prevent it from hardening gently. Sometimes a small bead forms. In this case, do not worry: it will naturally be reabsorbed! You may also suffer from a transient insensitivity on the scar: here too, it will diminish with time.

    Subsequently, you can continue the massage of your scar, but avoid exposing it to the sun, for at least the first year! Do not forget that your scar remains a somewhat sensitive area of your skin …

    Sexual life after the scar

    Often, sexuality after pregnancy is a bit complicated. In the case of a Caesarean section scar, it will usually take three weeks or even a month before resuming sexual activity, but on rare occasions, it is possible to recover from cuddling only a few days after delivery, pay attention…

    In any case, if you feel more than a slight temporary discomfort or a dull pain, do not hesitate to consult your midwife or gynecologist.


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