How to empower a child to the rules of the home


    How to empower a child to the rules of the home

    At times, you make mistakes with your kids without realizing it. So, for example, you use as an excuse the fact that if you do it yourself it will be faster or better done, or you will confuse love your son and do everything for him. In doing so, you are not strengthening your autonomy or your responsibilities, and pure comfort results in very demanding, disorientated little tyrants who can resort to anger and aggression to get what others have. Find out how your child can behave according to age. We explain how to empower a child to the rules of the house through tasks adapted to his age.

    How to empower a child to the rules of the home
    How to empower a child to the rules of the home

    Up to 2 years

    At this age, it is too early to try to teach him how to control himself so as not to mess up or deliberately break things.

    From 2 to 3 years

    • Pick up personal items such as toys and store them in the right place. At this age, it is necessary to watch him or even to help him, pick up together, so that he begins to install this driving through learning by imitation.
    • Help to get rid of the table, at a very basic level, for example by removing the cutlery and putting it in the sink. Alternatively, delete the basket from the bread.
    • Discard the paper in the wastebasket, not on the floor.

    From 3 to 4 years

    • Help set the table (but do not put it alone).
    • Empty waste baskets.
    • Pick up his toys without the need for adult supervision.
    • Throw his dirty clothes in the trash.
    • Help to take care of your pet.

    From 4 to 5 years

    • Make his bed, with the support of an adult, who shows him how to do. The bed will not be perfect, but the important thing is that it begins to acquire this habit. The adult can supervise, and give the final touch.
    • Hang her coat on a hanger at her height.
    • Put the table without help.
    • Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and dressing alone, or almost without the supervision of an adult. Get rid of the table after eating.
    • Help for simple tasks, such as picking up garden leaves, watering plants or helping clean the car.

    From 5 to 6 years old

    • To make his bed alone, without supervision (although it is probable that it is not yet perfect).
    • Wash by yourself without the help of an adult.
    • Answer the phone correctly (but it will not be ready to take messages).
    • Take on bigger responsibilities with your pet.
    • Help pick up and store clothes.
    • Clean his room.

    From 6 to 8 years

    • Learn to wake up alone, using a wake-up call, without the adult who raises it. At first, you can combine awakening and adult, and little by little do not come anymore and let him take responsibility with his awakening.
    • Prepare simple meals sandwiches …) and wrap them so that he can make his tea for school.
    • Leave the kitchen and bathroom tidy after use.
    • Taking phone messages correctly.
    • Start washing the plates.
    • Simple tasks such as scanning.

    From 8 to 12 years old

    • Take out the trash.
    • Clean (pass the broom) the kitchen and the bathroom after using them.
    • Perfect previous tasks, such as better washing dishes and storing them afterward, or better cleaning the car better.
    • Clean your room (remove dust, sweep, scrub the floor …)
    • Take on greater responsibilities with your pet.

    From 12 years old

    • Begin watching her little brothers and sisters for brief periods.
    • Put the washing machine and spread the clothes.
    • Ironing simple garments (initially under the supervision of an adult)
      Prepare simple dishes (pasta, salads, omelet …).


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